Since 1994, A-Pro has been helping its clients make smarter, better and more informed decisions as they buy or sell a home. As one of the leading home inspection service companies in the world, A-Pro not only offers you the best possible home inspection, service, and value, but also provides you with the peace of mind that your investment is guaranteed.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Small Business

Survival Stories

By Colleen DeBaise   


Greg Mangiaracina, born and raised in the Big Easy, had never thought about moving. He had opened A-Pro Home Inspection in 1994 and, less than a year before Katrina, successfully began franchising the home-inspection company nationwide. He had expected a group of 12 new franchisees to come to his New Orleans training facility at the end of September. As the storm approached, 46-year-old Mangiaracina and his family evacuated to Atlanta, where on television they watched the surge break the levees and sweep into the city. That moment, he says, was decision time.


He realized almost immediately that with airports shut down, and 80% of the city flooded, that bringing new franchisees to New Orleans — at least any time soon — would be impossible. The next decision? Where to move. After a quick contemplation of cities such as Chicago, Memphis, Tampa and Phoenix, he and his wife, Lynn, decided to move with their two sons to San Antonio, a city 500 miles away from New Orleans that had a decent population, good schools and convenient location. And, “it’s relatively safe from natural disaster,” he says. 

The uncertain period following Katrina “were the most critical days of our lives,” he says. “You normally would plan six months, maybe a year in advance to move.” Instead, working 18 hours a day at the hotel, he planned the relocation in a few short weeks. On Sept. 28, 2005, almost a month to the day the hurricane struck, he greeted the group of 12 franchisees at A-Pro’s new headquarters in San Antonio. 

“It still is surreal,” he says of the move, which happened so fast that his wife and kids still haven’t been back to New Orleans. “It was tough, but business-wise I know that I made the right decision.” The company has doubled its revenues and is on track to report $2 million in sales this year.

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Associated Press

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010
Associated Press
By JOYCE M. ROSENBERG , 08.23.2006, 04:28 PM

For Greg Mangiaracina, the move from New Orleans to San Antonio is permanent. After seeing how the storm had unsettled his family, the safety of his wife and children became paramount. 

Mangiaracina, owner of A-Pro Home Inspection Services, knew he had to act quickly to save the business. The problem he faced was the destruction of the city’s infrastructure – his business includes running training programs for franchisees from around the country and without a functioning airport and tourism industry, he couldn’t get people to come to New Orleans.

Mangiaracina said he knew he could survive – “I could go back to New Orleans and be in an engineering firm” – but he felt a responsibility to the 120 franchisees in his system, so he knew he needed to move.

He had a Sept. 30 deadline for getting a new training facility set up somewhere else, as he had a class scheduled then. So he chose San Antonio: “I was looking for a place relatively free of natural disasters, a large city that had easy access to around the country. I needed a place that had good tourism.”

The training facility was intact, although Mangiaracina’s original leak detection business, the one that spawned the franchise system, was destroyed. With help, he loaded trucks with 7,000 square feet of furniture including stadium-style seating, and transported the facility’s contents to Texas, set it up and made his deadline.

The move has been fortuitous; Mangiaracina said his sales have doubled. But, he said, he’s not going back to New Orleans.

“I can’t put my family through this again,” he said.

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The A-Pro Difference

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A-Pro’s Home Inspection Franchise Service Difference

The Best in the Business

Since 1994, A-Pro has been helping its clients make smarter, better and more informed decisions as they buy or sell a home. As one of the leading home inspection service companies in the world, A-Pro not only offers you the best possible home inspection, service, and value, but also provides you with the peace of mind that your investment is guaranteed.

A-Pro home inspections benefit all 3 parties to a home sale buyers, sellers, & real estate agents.

wp foundationAnalysis The Difference

Why A-Pro?

Our home inspectors are CHI, PHI, ASHI, and ISHI certified Our home inspectors are CHI, PHI, ASHI, & ISHI certified
Comprehensive 500-point home inspections Comprehensive, 500-point home inspection service
Mold, termite, radon, foundation testing as part of your home inspection Mold, termite, radon, foundation testing
No Further Evaluation Guarantee saves you time and money with an A-Pro home inspection “No Further Evaluation Guarantee” saves you time and money
If We Pass It, We Protect It guarantee provides ultimate peace of mind for yur home inspection “If We Pass It, We Protect It” guarantee provides ultimate peace of mind
Home Inspection reports give an accurate picture Reports also feature positive aspects of a home for more accurate picture
<br /> Easy to understand home inspection reports Easy to understand home inspection reports in 24 to 48 hoursAny questions at all, just call!


Call 1.800.793.APRO (2776) or click here to find an A-Pro”CHI” certified home Inspector.

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Home Inspection Resources

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Energy Analysis

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Energy Analysis:
Common Home Problems and
Solutions for High Energy Bills

Is the home cold, drafty, or uncomfortable? Do you have high energy bills? Ice dams? Peeling paint? Excessive dust? Addressing these types of home problems can make your home more comfortable, and at the same time improve its energy efficiency — saving you money on utility bills and helping to protect the environment too.

High Energy Bills

High utility bills in summer and winter can often be traced to air leaks in your home’s envelope, inefficient windows or heating and cooling equipment, or poorly sealed and insulated ducts.

Mold, Mildew, or Musty Odors

Water leaks or high humidity can lead to mold and mildew. This can cause wood rot, structural damage, peeling paint, and a variety of health problems.

Damp Basement

A damp basement is commonly caused by moisture migrating through the foundation. As this moisture evaporates, it increases indoor humidity and can promote the growth of mold — resulting in an uncomfortable house.

Cold Floors in Winter

Some types of floor coverings (such as wood, stone, tile, or concrete) will naturally feel cold on bare feet. However, insufficient insulation or air infiltration can also cause cold floors.

Drafty Rooms

Cold air coming into or going out of your house, especially through leaks hidden in the attic and basement, can cause rooms to feel drafty and uncomfortable.


Increased dust could be a sign that it is time to change your air filter or that your ductwork is not well sealed.

Moisture on Windows

Inefficient windows or high indoor moisture levels from air leaks can result in condensation, frost, or pools of water
on windows and sills.

Ice Dams

Warm air inside your home leaks into the attic and will warm the underside of the roof causing snow and ice to melt and refreeze as it runs off the roof — forming icicles and ice dams.

Peeling Paint

Peeling or cracking paint on the home’s exterior may be a sign of a humidity problem or improper paint application.

Hot or Cold Rooms

Significant differences in temperature from one room to another could be caused by several factors, including inadequate insulation, air leakage, and poor duct performance.

Dry Indoor Air in Winter

Air leaks in the home allow warm humid air to escape and draw in drier colder air.

Click here to request an energy audit from your local A-Pro inspector.

Inspect the Inspector

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Don’t Forget to Inspect the Inspector

As you make the decision to invite an inspector either into your own home, or a home you intend to buy, there are 5 key questions you should be asking. To make certain your home inspector is qualified and is a certified home inspection company, you need to “Inspect the Inspector.” The following information has been prepared to assist you in evaluating and selecting the best certified home inspection company: Here they are…

1. Are you CHI & PHI Certified?

CHI® and PHI® certifications are important, but they’re actually NOT required. These certifications will assure you that your inspector has undergone more than 300+ hours of education and advanced training, ensuring that your inspection is thorough and reliable! So… make sure your inspector has both!

2. Are you ISHI® certified or only ASHI® certified?

You want to make sure your inspector is ISHI® certified, as ISHI standards exceed ASHI® and other standards in 15 vitally important ways! What are some things that are inspected under ISHI that are NOT with ASHI®? Here are a few: foundation, furnace heat exchanger, all doors & windows, installed & portable appliances, all lighting & outlets, and more.

3. What if a potential problem is found during the inspection?

This may be hard to believe, but for MOST inspectors, if a potential problem is found during inspection, they will tell you to call an electrician, roofer, HVAC, or plumber to find out for sure. With A-Pro you will NEVER need to call upon another company, saving you time, money, and hassle.

4. What happens if the A-Pro home inspector misses something during the inspection?

With most inspectors if something is missed during the inspection, you’ll have to pay to repair or replace it or perhaps sue the inspector to get them to pay. Their evaluation is little more than an opinion. When you choose A-Pro “if we pass it, we protect it®” at our own expense, for up to 120 days. How do I know you protect it? Protection of covered systems and components on claims will not be turned down as a result of any pre-existing condition not documented in the inspection report.

5. Do your reports highlight POSITIVE attributes as well as the problems?

Most don’t, since it takes more expertise, reporting capabilities, as well as time. We feel that all inspectors should be required and trained to highlight positive attributes of a home so that the buyer will get a real picture of the home– not just a snap shot of problems. Our reports are fair and balanced and highlight all of the positive systems in your home as well. No wonder we’re recommended by buyers, sellers and real estate agents!

If you have any questions at all for A-Pro, including these questions, please don’t hesitate to call your certified inspector.

Other Questions to Ask:

• Can I see a sample inspection report?

• Will the report provide model numbers on the major systems in the home?

Call 1.800.793.APRO (2776) or click here to find an A-Pro “CHI” certified home Inspector.

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